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Milan Panic - In the News


Serbian Daily 'Danas'
Milan Panic:  "Medjunarodna konferencija, plus Plan dva E"

April 29, 2013

Serbian Daily 'Danas-Nedelja'
Milan Panic:  "Srbija i Kosovo na brzoj traci za EU"

March 30, 2013 - March 31, 2013

A Politician's Business Adventure
Biotechworld (Chinese Language)
June 6, 2010

Milan Panic, MP Biomedicals CEO

How to be a Legend:  Milan Panic
Global Times, Beijing, China
November 2, 2009
Milan Panic, the CEO of MP Biomedicals, was invited to speak before hundreds of students at Peking University in Beijing, China on October 23, 2009. His speech titled, "Science Makes Legends", reflected on Mr, Panic's life and achievements. The young people in the audience were encouraged to have dreams and to work at achieving their dreams. Mr. Panic told the students that this is an unprecedented time in history to be involved in scientific study and research.

UCLA Scientists Indentify How Immune Cells may help Predict Alzheimer's Risk
MP Biomedicals Granted Rights to Further Development Screening Tool

July 13, 2009

Putin Could Get Rid of Milosevic Himself
The Moscow Times

July 7, 2000
Now that U.S. President Bill Clinton has established a working relationshiop with the new Russian President, he could use it to get our of the quagmire of Yugoslavia.

Panic in Serbia:  a missed opportunity
Charleston Gazette

April 8, 1999
Bombs haven't knocked Slobodan Milosevic from pedestal.  But ballots once could have.

Bringing Financial Respectability to a Drug Maker
The New York Times

May 27, 1998
Had he engineered the reunification of Yugoslavia, where he served as Prime Minister for six months in 1992 and 1993, Milan Panic would not have produced a bigger surprise.

Balkan Rebirth

December 11, 1995
Milan Panic, a multimillionaire businessman and naturalized U.S. citizen, became prime minister of his native Yugoslavia for nine months in 1992.  To some he represented that fratured nation's last hope for cohesion before its descent into a three-year nightmare.  Now, with peace at hand at last, the Servian-born Panic has grand plans for he former homeland.

Self-interest the key to peaceful Balkans
The European

January 21, 1994
During two years of hoffific conflict in former Yugoslovia, Europe, the United States and the United Nations have applied punishing economic sanctions and threatened military intervention. But neither this, nor endless egotiations and talk of war crimes trials, have brought peace any closer.

The Cause of Panic
The Philadephia Inquirer
October 5, 1993
U.S. millionaire Milan Panic served eight months as prime minister of a disintegrating Yugoslavia.  As fighting there mounts, he strivers for peace in his native land.

Fight the War with Words - At Lesat
The New York Times
July 12, 1993
FIf teh people of the West aren't willing to fight the tradegy in the former Yugoslavia with Military force, they should ast least battle it with words.

Panic said don't use force in Bosnia
USA Today
April 29, 1993
Former Yugoslavia leaders says military intervention would be terrible and other peaceful options are available.

How Milosevic Stole the Election
The New York Times Magazine
February 14, 1993
Milan Panic, the American businessman turned Serbian politician, flew to Nis last December not knowing what to expect.

A Vote for Panic, in Serbia's Election, Is a Vote for Peace
The Baltimore Sun

December 17, 1992
It is simple but catastrophic in implication to deal with Yugoslavia in terms of "the Serbs," "the Croatins," and "the Muslims."  That plays the game of ethnic politics, the logic of which leads to genocide.

Our man in Yugoslavia
The Orange County Register

July 5, 1992
AMilan Panic's personal saga replete with wartime adventures and international triumph, has been told ably in the news and business pages .  It does inspire.

No Idea Is Worth Killing For
Los Angeles Times

July 3, 1992
An Interview with the Orange County businessman who, as prime minister, hopes to end the bloodshed in his homeland.

Failure of AIDS Drug Taints ICN
The New York Times

June 5, 1990
Milan Panic, the enthusiastic chairman of ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc., take any opportunity to retell how he arrives in America from Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavs Abroad
Yugoslav Airlines

March 1989
In 1955, Panic went to American with his family.  He arrived in New York with only two suitcases and 20 dollars.

When the going gets tough, Milan Panic goes shopping

December 5, 1988
Milan Panic was even more ebullient than usual.

Panic making mark in politics
The Orange County Register

November 6, 1988
ICN chief grabbing attntion as big contributor to campaigns.


ICN: In the Business of Longevity

January 1988

Forever Young
Los Angeles Times Magazine

June 21 1987
In a quiet lab in Costa Mesa, Milan Panic and a Team of Scientists are close to answering mankind's enduring question:  Why Die?

Panic Attack
California Business

June 1987
ICN's founder seems destined to be at war with the Establishment.  Undaunted, he aims to run a $1-billon pharmaceutical company. 

Milan Panic
The Executive

October 1985
ICN Pharmaceuticals seeks approval for its flu, herpes adn AIDS drug. 

Panic and The Street

August 1, 1972
Ever since the mid-Sixties, little International Chemical & Nuclear Corp. of Pasadena, Calif. has been a darling of Wall Street's promoters.